The Shivering Sands and Redsands Maunsell Sea Forts were built in 1942 at Northfleet, Kent and are six-eight nautical miles off the East Kent coast. They were created as anti-aircraft and observation platforms to disrupt overflying by the Luftwaffe on bombing runs to London.

The forts are visible from the Kent and Essex coastlines as small interruptions to the horizon. De-commissioned in the 1950's, standing derelict and disused these utilitarian and brutal concrete structures are poignant reminders of past conflict. They have enormous presence, and a sinister beauty.

Abandoned after the war they were brought, briefly, back into use in the 1960s by pirate radio stations.   The forts have stood derelict and disused since then.

Above: Reg Woodard and other servicemen on the Redsand Fort, Summer 1956 (with thanks to Reg Woodard for the photo)

They've been described in the Guardian as "some of Britain's most surreal and hauntingly beautiful architectural relics".    The seaforts' structural engineer, Guy Maunsell, went on to use the technology to build the first oil rigs in the North Sea.

Project Redsand has been established to secure the future of the Forts and the group are working towards the listing of the Redsand Towers as a National Monument and Heritage site.

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